S.P.A.D.A. Technology

SPADA Technology by KATANtech

S.P.A.D.A. Technology: SPADA (short for Self-Aligning Polymeric Antimicrobial Durable Array) is an advanced nano-scale technology that achieves durable, effective, cost-efficient and ecological anitmicrobial protection. 

In layman's terms, the S.P.A.D.A. molecule is like a sword (and it actually looks like one too)...  
Si-QAT molecule SPADA Technology by KATANtech
Once applied to a surface, it stands up and links together with the other Si-QAT molecules, becomes strongly bonded to the surface at a molecular level, creating a durable layer that protects the surface against microbes until it is removed by abrasion. 
SPADA-Treated Surface by KATANtech
Additionally, since SPADA molecules do NOT allow super bugs to be created (and they physically destroy microbes), the antimicrobial protection this technology provides is both eco-responsible and long-lasting.


An antimicrobial that DOES NOT create Super Bugs

Acts on contact

Works continually
No chance of building immunity

Does not alter surface characteristics
Chemically attached to surfaces

How it Works:

    Many cleaners are effective, but most are not long-lasting.  The time between cleanings is when environments become vulnerable to microbes.  S.P.A.D.A. Technology is not only an effective and safe antimicrobial cleaner, it is a PROTECTOR that keeps you safe between cleanings!
    SPADA Technology keeps you safe between cleanings by KATANtech

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