Ovation Skin Cleanser + Sanitizer (32oz/1L) by Katan Technologies

Ovation Skin Cleanser + Sanitizer

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A water-based, alcohol-free hand and skin sanitizer. Smooths, softens and protects.

Easy to use and leaves hands and skin feeling smooth and soft. Stays working for up to 8 hours.

Aplaus Hand & Skin Sanitiser is based on the active ingredient Benzalkonium Chloride (BZK-one of the three FDA-approved ingredients for hand sanitizing) in a unique non-drying, moisturizing and conditioning, proprietary formulation. NSF Approved E3 for no-rinse hand sanitizing, Biospada Plus Hand & Skin Sanitiser kills 99.9-99.9999% of most common germs that may cause illness, including E. ColiS. aureus, Listeria, Salmonella and MRSA in just 15 seconds.

This is a proprietary formulation featuring exceptional skin feel, conditioning and moisturizing properties. 

Benzalkonium chloride-based Hand Sanitisers have several distinct advantages over alcohol-based hand sanitisers. While both product forms are FDA-approved for leave-on products, fast acting and allow for use without water or towels, BZK based products are non-flammable, non-damaging to skin, are persistent, and will not stain clothing or flooring.

Ovation Skin CLeanser+Sanitizer becomes more effective with repeated use and without irritation or drying out skin.  This organic technology effectively cleanses and sanitizes without the use of alcohol, and it leaves skin feeling soft and refreshed without stickiness or residue.  It is an environmentally-friendly cleansing solution that is safe for even the most sensitive skin.

Bio-Safe Certification for Ovation Chemicals

  • Hands and skin
  • Spray a small amount onto palm of hand or onto skin.
  • Rub thoroughly until dry.
Alcohol-free ---> Doesn’t dry or irritate skin
Organic ---> Environmentally Friendly
Ready-to-use Spray ---> Use anywhere without water or towels
Water-based ---> Environmentally friendly and non-flammable
Appearance ---> Clear liquid
Odor ---> Fresh
Pounds per gallon ---> Approximately 9.7
VOC% ---> 0
Flash point ---> n/a
Phosphate (as P) ---> 0
Biodegradable ---> Yes


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Available Sizes & Dispensers:
32oz, 1 Gallon, Case of 32oz (12 units per case), Case of 1 Gallon (4 units per case)